"Work (and life) should be and can be productive and rewarding, meaningful, and maturing, enriching and fulfilling, healing and joyful. Work (and life) is one of our greatest privileges. Work (and life) can even be poetic."

– Peter Drucker 

Note: Parenthetical (and life) added to Drucker's quote by me.

Armstrong Wordshops can be customized based on your needs and goals. CorPoet is a Wordshop originally developed in 1996 to help businesses find their voice, purpose and language that transcends jargon. Many of the tools used in CorPoet can also be used with all kinds of organizations, non-profits and individually. Here is an overview of the CorPoet Wordshop. I would love to chat with you about how we can create a customized Wordshop for you. 


It's time poetry got down to business


Ralph Windler, founding fellow of the Oxford Centre for Management Studies states, “The traditional language of business is a technical one of information (profit & loss statements, company handbooks, annual reports, etc.) aimed at delineating, defining, and separating for the purposeful measurement of control, but constrained in wider, more complex applications.”


On the other hand, “Poetry is the language of evocation. The language of information says something about objects, the language of evocation speaks about relationships. Poetry is as precise and effective in the realms of relationships as the language of accounting is in the realm of finance.

Business people also need this language because the world of commerce, no less than the worlds of ecology and spirit, is a nest of inter-relatedness.”

The CorPoet Wordshop reveals and anthologizes the heart and soul of your business or organization and evokes and connects in a world that can be polarizing and numbing. 

This creative workshop introduces the power of words and insightful expression. Through a series of provocative, probing, barrier breaking and creativity enhancing exercises, the workshop concludes with participants writing how they think and feel about the organization. These 'poems', underlined with honesty, passion and imagination, can be the catalyst for non-traditional approaches to problem solving while strengthening culture, community, vision, values and purpose.

After the workshop, your Annual Repoet can be created. This serves as an anthem and anthology of the words written by the workshop participants. Taking the form of a living document, your RePoet will reflect the heartfelt essence of your organization. Designed to be distributed throughout your organization and with other vital constituents, your RePoet can serve as a refreshing, revealing and meaningful vehicle for expanding the doors of communication, instilling a greater collective sense of purpose and igniting creativity and innovation.

The human spirit has profited from the power of words for centuries. Your organization can now profit, too, through the CorPoet experience.

CorPoet was originally launched in 1996.  A lot has changed since then and a lot has stayed the same. To see the original CorPoet brochure here

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