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Welcome to the Armstrong Words Blog

Updated: Dec 19, 2017

Armstrong Words, a initiative of Good for Business, is focused on how the words we use and the voice we choose can be meaningful agents of change. Armstrong Words emerges from a passion and love for words and how they can be a force for making a positive difference. As founder of Armstrong Words, I am here to help businesses, nonprofits, organizations, movements and individuals create communications that truly reflect their intention, purpose and promise.

These communications can take the form of a purpose-led brand platform, stairway speeches, headlines, promise statements, tag-lines, video and audio scripts, ads, posters, emails, posts, web content - all the messaging tools we have at our fingertips. Seizing the moment, messages can be created in the morning and shared by noon. Or message strategies can be developed to guide us in crafting the words, images and voice that genuinely convey why you are doing what you are doing.

The Armstrong Words blog will share insights, examples, trends and other pertinent observations regarding how words are shaping companies, cultures, customers, communities, constituencies and causes. We are all impacted by words - be they online headlines, brand messaging, tweets, posts, speeches and statements on key issues ranging from climate change to economic justice. My goal is to do whatever possible to make an impact. I invite you to respond to the blog posts and share how words are impacting you and others. Together, we can be a force for the kind of change that helps improve the human condition and the planet we call home.

Armstrong Words represents the wisdom Confucius, Ray Bradbury and others

acknowledge of 'loving what you and doing what you love'. I love working and playing with words. I hope my way with words can serve you and others.

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